Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD

Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD

The ultimate Surround View (SV) camera system and the first of its kind in the UK, Omni-Vue™ 360º Digital HD represents the next generational leap for 360 degree SV camera systems (AKA 'birds-eye' camera systems). 

Digital HD cameras (720p/WDR) provide superior resolution in all light conditions, ensuring that drivers/operators have an unsurpassed view and all blind spots are eliminated. 

For those wishing to utilise a surround view system for combating false claims, a Digital HD DVR is also available (a UK first!).

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Omni-Vue™ was the first system in a complete range of 360˚ vehicle camera systems, which now also includes:

  • Omni-Van™, a very cost-effective system that's been developed for the LCV market, including: ambulances, mini-coaches, delivery vehicles, motorhomes, horseboxes and vans (any 12V vehicle or trailer)
  • Omni-Plant 360 Digital HD™, a system that has been specifically designed for all plant and machine applications

Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD application links/pages and further information can be found at the top the page.


Trailer Vision Limited have been supplying innovative camera systems for many years and we were the first company to develop wireless and digital wireless systems for vehicle applications. We quickly realised the potential of 360˚ Surround View (AKA 'look-down') camera systems and have been supplying the commercial market for many years. Our main website can be seen by clicking the button below.

Optional Digital HD Accident Recorder

Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD is usually utilised with a Digital HD 4CH DVR, ensuring that any incidents or accidents are recorded, providing vital evidence and helping to reduce false insurance claims and premiums.