Omni-Vue™ 'HD'

Omni-Vue™ 'HD' is an innovative camera system that provides van drivers with a 360 degree 'look-down' view all around their vehicle, making parking, reversing and manoeuvring safe and easy. Omni-Vue™ 'HD' eliminates all blind-spots & meets/surpasses all compliancy standards (FORS, CLOCS, TFL, CrossRail, SKANSKA etc.).

Omni-Vue 'HD' is usually utilised with a 4CH DVR (128GB SSD), ensuring that all incidents and accidents are recorded and vital evidence available to prevent false insurance claims and reduce premiums.

Omni-Vue™ 'HD' is a 12/24V system; for a lower cost, 12V only, system/applications please see Omni-Van™: